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What Our Patients Say

I really love what Dr Kevin had done for me. I had problems with my head, that I could not even explain. He thoroughly listened and sought out the plans to get me better. No one else, had the patience to even look into the problem. After all his research, and my complaints, he thought it might have been thyroid issues. It clearly was. I really appreciate him, and all he did/does. Will recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks Dr. Kevin and staff.

- Marchelle P.

Dr. Stallbaumer has not only helped me deal with an auto injury but has improved my overall health to an even better point than it was before. He is professional but has empathy and compassion for his patiences. He knew how to make me feel mentally at ease so that my body could relax and heal. He did an excellent job and gave me motivation so that I felt comfortable taking my health seriously. Thank you Kevin.

- Kristina T.

I've been seeing Dr Stallbaumer for several years due to chronic neck and back pain. Thanks to his care, I am able to live a normal life without surgery and now only need to go for the occasional adjustment. I highly recommend Kevin for any chiropractic need.

- Debi M.

Dr Stallbaumer did an amazing job adjusting my back. I was in a pinch and unable to make an appointment with my doc and he fit me in his schedule with short notice. Clean and organized office - Highly recommend!

- Dave C.

Dr. Stallbaumer is on top of some of the most advanced techniques in the business. You won't find a more educated chiropractor in KC.

- Tyler R.

I just moved to Overland Park about six months ago and was looking for a chiropractor and saw their location so i called for an appointment and was able to get in right away. The level and quality of service was outstanding. Kevin was very thorough taking the time to make sure the problem was fixed. You will get a service for a great price. I will recommend him to anyone I know needing relief from back or neck pain.

- Jim F.

Symptoms We Treat

Don't live with pain any longer.

I'm Coreen. After months of back, neck, and shoulder pains, I decided to look for a chiropractor. I found the Chiropractic Group of Overland Park and Dr. Stallbaumer was very understanding about my random work schedule, giving me every chance I needed to come in and relax my mind as well as my muscles. After just a few visits, I felt immensely better so I can resume my normal duties without hurting. Thank you so much for your courteous and extraordinary service. I will be back again if I ever need it.

- Zeanna A.

I went to Dr. Stallbaumer after having some intense neck/back pain. Not sure exactly what prompted the pain, but I woke up one morning & couldn't move my neck. Kevin was great at explaining things, helping me understand, and performing adjustments that brough immediate results. He didn't pressure me into anything I wasn't comfortable with, and was also very informed about what my insurance would cover. Friendly environment, helpful service, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Stallbaumer to anyone.

- Kelley D.

I found Dr. Stallbaumer to be incredibly kind and thorough in his investigation and determination of the cause of my extreme hip joint pain. My condition was complicated by an illness which activated extreme inflammation influencing higher than normal pain levels. I experienced Dr. Stallbaumer to be tenacious and constant in his encouragement that we would get to the bottom of the issues so I could walk pain-free once again. He took thorough x-rays and recommended a colleague through whom I received an MRI which helped us get to the root of the problem. Furthermore, Dr. Stallbaumer's adjustments are performed with excellence and competence, drawing on a variety of well-researched Chiropractic strategies and techniques. He took time with his me to discuss issues and procedures which was always very reassuring. His considerate patient demeanor combined with his expertise in his field made receiving treatment from him a pleasure. I now walk 95% pain free, such a huge improvement from my first sessions. I can highly recommend Dr. Stallbaumer. I consider him top-notch in his field.

- Anita D.

I was involved in an automobile accident on 01/16/2014. Was rushed to the ER suffering from neck and back pain. After couple of x-rays of my neck and back the doctor ruled out fracture. I was discharged after five hours in the ER. I went home happy thinking all was well. The following morning, I could not raise my head from the bed, could not turn or get out of bed. My neck was very stiff. My wife consulted our friends and luckily one of them had an automobile accident about 6 months ago earlier. She advised us to visit Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer who was her chiropractor. My wife rushed me to this doctor not knowing for sure what to expect. After carefully assessing me, he told me he would fix my neck and back. From that day I visited Dr. Kevin daily, then every other day then weekly, and lastly monthly. I have already recommended Dr. Kevin to my friends and whoever reads this article.

- James

At the beginning of this year I started having pain in my neck. Within three days the pain got really bad. I had been to a chiropractor before but I wasn't sure this much pain could be fixed by a chiropractor. I thought I needed to at least try but didn't know who to go to. I had been to another chiropractor in the area but wasn't very satisfied with the experience. At the same time my son-in law was having back problems and Dr. Stallbaumer had been recommended to him by a friend, so I decided to try him. Dr. Stallbaumer took all the time I needed to discuss my problem and was very thorough in his explaining my course of treatment. He is very knowledgeable in his decisions for my treatment, very easy to talk to and is always making sure I am comfortable with my treatments he uses. I like that he has many pieces of equipment to use and with combination of different treatments I now have no pain in my neck.

- Kim

I had seen several chiropractors before I met Dr. Kevin. I felt he was really listening to me and took my complaints seriously. After several weeks of treatment –using a variety of techniques – I began to improve and my debilitating back pain lessened.

Dr. Kevin never pressured me into unnecessary treatments. I know when it is time for his help. I easily call and make an appointment for that day. Dr. kevin is also very accessible via phone.

- Patti

When I met Dr. Stallbaumer at a teacher appreciation ten-minute massage session, I was resigned to my daily, chronic neck pain. I was sincerely touched by the concerned Dr. Stallbaumer expressed for my situation during that brief session. As I began meeting with Dr. Stallbaumer on a regular basis, I was continually surprised (and impressed) with his level of compassion, willingness to think outside-the-box with new and different treatments, and determination to help relieve my pain. The atmosphere at Overland Park Chiropractic Group was also very inviting. The other doctors greeted me by name and made sure any wait time (if at all) was brief. There is no doctor I would recommend higher than Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer.

- Athena

I've always been a little skeptical about chiropractic treatment, but was willing to try anything to get relief. I had been suffering from neck pain and painful numbness in my hands, which caused many sleepless nights.

At my school they had a visiting massage therapist from Dr. Stallbaumer's clinic. I signed up for a massage and made an appointment to see Dr. Stallbaumer.

From the get go Dr. Stallbaumer was personable and professional. Flexibility on scheduling was a plus. However, results are certainly worth noting. I got relief from my neck pain and practically 100% feeling back in my hands! I am and do gladly recommend Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer.

- Molly

I have used Chiropractic care for about half of my life, so I know the benefits of seeking care. What set Dr. Kevin apart was this – he gave me the exercises I needed to help me achieve long-lasting results. Because of the exercises I do at home, I continue to be pain free and my strength / flexibility is increasing. This "home care" was not suggested by past chiropractors. I appreciated how Dr. Kevin gave me tools for helping myself. I know that he is there for me should I Need to have regular treatments in the future. This approach, in my opinion, sets Dr. Kevin apart from other doctors.

- Maureen

When I moved from Leavenworth, Kansas to Overland Park, I lost one of the best Chiropractors I have ever had. I used his services for 25 years and knew that it would not be easy to find another as good as he is. I GOOGLED Chiropractors in Johnson County and found one only a few blocks from me. Unfortunately, he did not work out. A friend searched again and found Dr. Stallbaumer who was only a few blocks further away.

Dr. Stallbaumer takes the time to conduct an initial consultation to determine the problems and their causes so that he can determine the best treatment.

He is young, which means he will be around for awhile. He is also, meticulous, thorough, and is truly concerned about the welfare of his patients. He also still uses Intersegmental Traction to relax the muscles in his patient's backs. The one I first tried used a combination of heat and a mild electric current. Those did nothing for me. Intersegmental Traction is effective and is the only treatment that I will settle for.

When I leave his office, my back no longer hurts, and I am so relaxed that I almost fall asleep. It's great to know that he is close by and will always be there to take care of my needs. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

- Stephen

I really enjoy going to Dr. Kevin J. Stallbaumer, D.C. LLC because they are a patient centered practice. Your chiropractor is the one actually working with you from appointment to appointment. Not only does this allow for greater continuity of care, but also creates a cooperative atmosphere for everyone, including the patient, to work on improving health and wellness.

- Vicky

I met Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer during a chiropractor visit and evaluation session of a problem I was having with my lower back. At that time, it was suggested that I take a several X-Rays to ascertain my current condition. The X-Rays revealed that I needed treatment corrections in the area of my spine, neck and back. I was somewhat concern with the prognosis. Dr. Stallbaumer shared with me what was going on with the previously mentioned areas, what corrective measures were needed and the number of treatments required to correct the problem. I was quite relieved after hearing from Dr. Stallbaumer. His explanation helped to alleviate my apprehensions and I developed a level of comfort and confidence in his ability to heal me.

During my treatments, Dr. Stallbaumer exhibited a genuine level of sensitivity, empathy, and professionalism. He was very articulate in explaining the different techniques being utilized by him and my progress. Dr. Stallbaumer informed me when the treatments resulted in my body recovering from the previous existing problems and when ongoing treatments were no longer needed.

I can assert in the most definitive manner that perceptions of chiropractic services was somewhat negative at best. I never thought I would seek a chiropractor out for any services. My initial visit was the first time I had been in a chiropractor's office in my life. However, my experience at the Overland Park Chiropractic Group under the treatment of Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer was very positive and extremely satisfying. The overall atmosphere was calm and inviting and his colleagues were very professional and personable.

I enthusiastically and highly recommend Dr. Kevin Stallbaumer, DC.

- Dr. Ernest

When my chiropractior moved to Florida, I knew it was going to be hard to find one to trust again. I waited almost two years to find Dr. Stallbaumer. I found him through Google search and the high ratings he had. Upon my first visit, he asked me a lot of questions and was very thorough to find out every issue I had. He took many X-rays as well. The next visit, he invited my husband to see my X-rays, explain the approach for treatment, and the consequences if treatment was not seeked. His explanation was concise and thorough. After the treatment program, a repeat X-ray will be done to see your progress. I went through traction, adjustments, applied weights, electrical stimulation, etc., for 3 times a week for approximately 8 weeks, My results were beyond successful and I feel GREAT! The X-ray proved it! My dedication and hard work along with his knowledge and conscientiousness brought me to where I am today. No other chiropractor in this area could have given me the results Dr. Stallbaumer has given me. My headaches have literally disappeared! I know if I need a random appointment for a quick fix, I know I can count on Dr. Stallbaumer.

- Eileen

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