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Advanced Diagnosis (No Additional Charge) for Auto Accident Injuries



DynaROM or Dynamic Range of Motion, is a functional test that measures muscle guarding and range of motion at the same time. The American Medical Association’s Practical Guide to Range of Motion list it as the gold standard for range of motion assessment. This technology allows our office to objectively evaluate muscle injuries such as spasm or guarding, so that we can prescribe targeted therapies to help the patient heal.

PostureRay (Computerized Joint Instability Testing)


PostureRay is a cutting edge procedure that we utilize in our office to test for ligament injuries. These injuries are very common, but unfortunately, are rarely diagnosed because most offices don’t have this sophisticated software. The software measures the movement of the bones in various ranges of motion to determine if any of them are moving too much. It compares these movements to established thresholds established by the American Medical Association to determine if an instability exists

Anyone that was recently in an auto accident or has a history of trauma and chronic pain should consider being tested for joint instability.

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Computerized Strength Testing

Computerized Strength Testing

Computerized Strength Testing allows us to properly identify strength imbalances that may result from injured muscles, ligaments or nerves as the result of a motor vehicle collision. The increased accuracy and repeatability compared to old-fashioned muscle testing allows us to better identify these injuries so that they can be properly diagnosed and treated.

Computerized Grip Testing

Computerized Grip Testing allows us to accurately and objectively measure a patient’s grip strength. Decreased grip strength can result from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision.

Computerized Range of Motion Testing

Computerized Range of Motion Testing

The American Medical Association’s Guides to Practical Range of Motion Assessment and their Guides to Permanent Impairment, both state that range of motion must be measured with dual inclinometers and cannot be simply visualized. Our office utilizes computerized dual inclinometers to insure that our results are accurate and valid.

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